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We Do What The Other Guys Can't!
Mahogany Kitchen
Hardwood Floor

Bathtubs and Showers

Fiberglass Repair

We are the experts at fixing what the other guys say is impossible! We specialize n fiberglass repair, but also repair acrylic and porcelain tubs and showers.


You love your granite/marble countertop, but it's chipped; so it's expensive to replace. Don't! Call your repair expert to fix chips in granite, marble, and quartz.


We repair your damaged floor surfaces no matter what the material; whether it's hardwood, tile, marble or granite for a fraction of the cost of a resurface.

Furniture Repairs


Refinish your furniture and extend its life far beyond the manufacturer's suggestion!

Door Repairs


Repair or resurface damaged, dinged, or scuffed doors much more economically than replacing them.



There's no need to replace an entire floor for one bad tile/floorboard. Repair it!

Scratch Removal


Repair scratches on your stainless steel and glass countertops and more.

Bathtubs & Showers


Is your fiberglass tub broken? Just outdated looking? Repair it and get a brand new look!



Refresh the look of your existing staircase with a resurfacing or refinishing.

Cabinet Repairs


Forget the hassle of costly cabinet replacements; Repair them and keep your beautiful furniture!



Repair your granite, marble, quartz, soapstone, or formica countertops for a new look!

Vinyl Window Frames


A simple crack or dent in your vinyl window/slider doesn't mean a full install; get it repaired!

Why Replace When You Can Repair?
MRS has been saving folks money on all kinds of repairs for 35 years. Call today for a free estimate.
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Yorba Linda, CA

Serving all of Orange County


Call us for a free estimate.

Are all refinishing companies the same? 


No! By no means! Various organizations utilize various epoxies and materials of different qualities and grades to achieve the end result and this alone creates a huge difference in how your project will look at the end, not to mention how long it will last. Not all companies do fiberglass repair. The outcomes regularly fluctuate. Our clients get the best materials accessible available. All representatives are confirmed trained and complete a thorough preparing program for restoring, reemerging, and reglazing when available. We are not the least expensive around the local area, however I can guarantee you the most extreme expert administration and most noteworthy nature of materials that are accessible in the business. On the off chance that you choose to go with another organization, simply ensure that they are utilizing first class items and the prep work is done accurately, as it has an enormous effect. Make sure to investigate our when photographs in the event that you have not officially done as such.

Why should I pick your company for fiberglass repair? 


We have heard a ton of stories from clients that have had a truly terrible experience with other resurfacing organizations.

Shoddy items, unpracticed specialists, surface disappointment, problematic, conflicting administration, and absence of information and commitment costs the customer. Not only are these companies scamming you, they’re also giving our industry a terrible name. We are your Yorba Linda based revamping experts. We comprehend the significance of a fast pivot, reasonable cost, and quality administration of fiberglass repair. We are the administrators and the proprietors. We take the necessary steps! You won't have an establishment based, lesser experienced worker appear. There is a proprietor on each and every activity that we do. One employment or a few we are there when you need us!

What kind of surfaces would i be able to have restored, besides fiberglass repair? 


Baths, cast iron baths, clawfoot tubs, platform tubs, showers, clay tile, sinks, ranch sinks, vanities, ledges, cupboards, collectibles, and classical furnishings. We fix, reestablish, revamp, reemerge, reglaze, and recolor a wide range of surfaces including: porcelain, fiberglass repair, artistic, overlay, formica, metals, plastics, and wood. 


Do you do bathtub glazing? How is the different from fiberglass repair?


Although we match sheen, color and texture of existing bathtub, shower, and tile in your bathroom we unfortunately do not currently offer glazing services. We do however do fiberglass repair. Not only do we do fiberglass repair, but we also do fiberglass repair in boats and other watercraft whose hulls tend to be fiberglass because of its lightweight yet sturdy properties. We do fiberglass repair in yachts, small skiffs, canoes, and much more. The fiberglass repair that we do depends on the kind and extent of damage done to the hull of the boat. Fiberglass repair is usually only needed if the damage itself cannot be patched with simple expoxy and needs extensive new fiberglass weaving and specialized fiberglass repair. If you want a new look in your bathroom, consider a refinishing or resurfacing; it’ll grant a brand new look and texture to your bathtub, shower or tile surfaces without the high cost of tearing out and replacing the existing fixtures.


Are there any unhealthy/toxic fumes with restoring? 


Not with our New Eco Process. Truly with the conventional technique, anyway we limit these vapor and smells by utilizing an advanced fumes framework that vents residue and scent to the outside while we work. A few organizations utilize a case fan in a window, and that is just insufficient. 


I've heard that bath liners are superior as opposed to fiberglass repair. Is that valid? 


This is a fantasy. They are plastic looking, they can split, and are restricted to what surfaces they can go over. They are likewise up to multiple times the expense of resurfacing. Ordinarily the seal around the liner falls flat and enables water to get in the middle of the liner and the tub causing mold harm, a squishy vibe, and broad issues. Most liner organizations won't guarantee a liner except if they likewise introduce a divider framework. This mix costs a large number of dollars. Our resurfacing materials bond on an atomic level straightforwardly to the first surface. This dispenses with air pockets, form, mold, splitting, and a squishy floor. The best part is that it will keep going similarly up to a liner and is just a small amount of the cost. 


Can I do my own fiberglass repair from a DIY kit from a home improvement store? 


Truly, you can. No, we don't recommend it. DIY packs for fiberglass repair are constrained in quality and solidness. They for the most part flop inside a month or two. They commonly comprise of an epoxy covering that takes as long as 5 days to dry and yellows fundamentally after some time. Most units are rolled or brushed on the apparatus, giving an unattractive looking beginner wrap up. A few units are splashed on with a pressurized canned product, causing uneven inclusion, dry shower and trickles. The mirror-like completion you truly need can't be accomplished without legitimate preparing, background, and expert gear. Not to mention that if you’re dealing with a fiberglass tub or shower, that requires expert attention. Fiberglass repair is a discipline all on its own.


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